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Memorable sailing vacation experiences for couples

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Iíve never chartered before. Would it not be uncomfortable in a very, very small boat, in such tight quarters with complete strangers?

A. Compared to a cruise ship, Dream Maker is a small, cozy boat. Being on a boat is different than being on land, as your space is not confined to the physical dimensions of the boat. Sitting in the cockpit, you may feel that you have more space than you do at home because everything within eye sight is part of your spaceóthe sun rising and setting, the fish swimming by, the birds soaring overhead, the palms trees on the beach, and the other boats bobbing in the harbour.
Our goal is to make your vacation a comfortable and enjoyable experience. You will find that a week will fly by before you know it. People who choose a crewed charter yacht vacation are usually on the adventurous side. They like to meet new people, see new things, and swap stories. By the end of your vacation, you may find that we feel like part of the family.

Q. Iím concerned Iíll get sea sick.

A. Dream Maker is a heavy, stable sailboat. This means while she isnít a fast boat, she moves very nicely through the water leading to fewer sea sickness issues. While we canít guarantee that you wonít get sea sick, we do everything we possibly can to make sure you donít. Itís no fun for you, or us, if you donít feel well. To reduce the chances of getting sea sick, we suggest a number of things.

 Pick a location that is the most protected for your first trip. The BVI and Grenadines are the best choices as the islands are close together and relatively protected.

 Bring sea sickness medication and Sea Bands.† Sea Bands are wrist bands that use acupressure to relieve motion sickness symptoms. They are available in most drug stores or pharmacies. Our recommended brand for tablets is Sturgeron.

 We plan your itinerary based on what you would like to do in conjunction with what the weather is doing. Then we select activities and anchorages that will provide the smoothest water. We donít like rolly anchorages either!

Q. What about privacy?

A. One of the benefits of choosing Dream Maker, a center cockpit boat, is that the aft cabin is separated by a long hallway and the engine room from the main salon and crew cabin so you have lots of privacy in your cabin. Being good hosts, we usually know when to disappear to give you more time alone. Just let us know and weíll accommodate your wishes. Each day, we discuss plans based on what youíd like to do and the weather.

Q. Weíd really like to charter your boat, but I smoke. Iíll only smoke outside. Can you make an exception?

A. Sorry, while we are very flexible on most things, smoking is the exception. Cathy has allergies so we try to keep the boat free of anything that can be a problem. Even smoke on a personís clothing if they were to smoke only on shore is a problem.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. We recommend purchasing trip cancellation insurance at the time of your booking in the event you must cancel. Please read the fine print as different policies cover different situations.


Please email us with any other questions you may have.

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