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Memorable sailing vacation experiences for couples

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We customize each itinerary to match your desires. How do you want to spend your time off ? What are your interests and activity level? Perhaps, you’d like some time away to get a different perspective on your career, work, or current life. Perhaps there’s a special birthday or anniversary coming up. We can help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Maybe you’d like to take the next step towards your dream of casting off the dock lines? People who dream of taking time off for extended periods will have the opportunity to learn how they can do it.

Try It Out Before You Take the Plunge. Have you fantasized about casting off the dock lines and sailing off into the sunset? No more job or career, either for a short time or indefinitely? Would you like to experience what it’s like to be a full time live aboard cruiser? What do cruisers do with their time anyway? Don’t they get bored of sitting around, sipping pina coladas, watching the sunsets, and just hanging out? Well, actually, no. We wish we had more time to do just those things that everyone thinks we do all the time. Being a full-time cruiser is a lifestyle that is quite different than most people imagine. If you want to find out for yourself what the cruiser lifestyle is really like, come on down and join us for one, two or even more weeks to try it out.

We are happy to share our experiences and stories with you as you decide if you want to take the plunge and “Get a Life!”  Topics that may be covered include provisioning, storage, meal planning and preparation, trip planning, navigating between islands, weather, maintenance, equipping the boat, finding the right boat for you, and last, but certainly not least, tips for not strangling your partner.

If you would like to combine business and pleasure, personal coaching can be added to your vacation experience.  Cathy is a certified business and personal coach and is delighted to help you reach new levels in your personal and professional life. Make your vacation into a tax deduction by combining training and development. Enquire for more information.


So You Wanna Be a Cruiser!

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Custom Vacations

Are you interested in a crewed sailing vacation? Cathy and Bill are able to create the get-away you most desire. Hiking, snorkeling, diving, shopping, golfing, meeting the locals, taking part in local festivities, or maybe, just relaxing with that book you’ve been meaning to read and never have a chance to get to.

Perhaps, you’d enjoy including Reiki sessions as part of your journey to unwind and distress from your regular day to day busyness. Let Cathy and Bill take care of preparing delicious meals to tantalize your taste buds, planning how, where,  and when to sail the boat. That way you can focus on the really important details, like snorkeling, snoozing, shopping, reading, and playing.  You are, of course, always welcome to participate in any area that you care to. After all, it’s your vacation!

Crewed Sailing Vacations

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