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Memorable sailing vacation experiences for couples

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Bill and Cathy in Paradise


Bill and Cathy in Paradise

About the Crew

Cathy and Bill Osborne of Vancouver, Canada have been sailing for over 25 years. They are certified by the Canadian Yachting Association and STCW95. They have sailed extensively in the Pacific Northwest in North America and have chartered sailboats in Australiaís Whitsunday Islands, French Polynesia, the British Virgin Islands, the Leeward and the Windward Islands of the Caribbean. They have been full time cruisers for three years logging thousands of miles up and down the US eastern coastline and the Caribbean.

Cathy and Bill have travelled to over 40 countries. They have taken four sabbaticals including two around the world trips all while being employed in middle management corporate positions and self-employed.

Most people dream of taking time off. They just donít believe they can do it. Bill and Cathy have done it successfully and love to share their knowledge and tips so others can follow their dreams.

Over the years, they have successfully managed their finances to enable them to depart from the traditional employment world while maintaining those elements that provide for a comfortable retirement fund. To share this special knowledge, Cathy wrote a book titled Get a Life! The Essential Guide to Taking Time Off to Fulfill Your Dreams.

Cathy and Bill are avid readers, travellers, and sailors. They love to play games, including dominoes (the official game of the Caribbean) and cards. They enjoy being in nature and sharing that experience with others.

Bill is an excellent cook and prepares tasty, healthy meals for you based on the information you provide in the preferences sheet. If you have allergies, we are happy to accommodate. Cathy, a former college instructor,† loves to teach and enjoys sharing her knowledge whether it is related to sailing or how to take time off.

They are both trained in Reiki, an energy healing practise, and can offer Reiki sessions to guests. In addition, they are certified Practitioners of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of excellence. If desired, Cathy offers special sessions to help focus dreams or create the mind shifts necessary to overcome obstacles that are blocking you from achieving your dreams.

Ever wondered how you can spend more time with your partner in retirement or on a boat without driving each other crazy? Married for over 20 years and having sailed successfully together for three years 24/7 combined with their NLP training, Cathy and Bill offer new perspectives and skills to couples.


Itís Carnival Time!

Bill and Cathy at Carnival

Thanksgiving & Christmas means turkey dinner

Turkey dinnerYummy food

Yummy food

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