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Memorable sailing vacation experiences for couples

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Imagine yourself on an all inclusive, private crewed charter sailing yacht in the Caribbean. Exploring tranquil bays, snorkeling in crystal clear, warm, aquamarine water surrounded by exotic, brightly coloured fish. Maybe you are relaxing in a hammock with a good book, snoozing, or just gazing around at the incredible scenery. Feel the exhilaration of sailing in the trade winds with the beautiful bright blue sky above and the midnight blue and turquoise water below you. Whether itís a honeymoon, an anniversary, a 40th or 50th birthday celebration, or just time for a vacation, Dream Maker is the perfect get-away!

Join the author of Get a Life! The Essential Guide to Taking Time Off to Fulfill Your Dreams, Cathy Osborne and her husband, Bill, for an unforgettable cruise in the tropical waters of the Caribbean.


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Cathy's book titled Get a Life!Amazing sunsets

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